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sexul harasment

Sexual Harassment

Legal Protection from DeToffol & Gittleman From bold sexual advances to subtle remarks that generate.
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gender and sex


New York City, New York State, and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating on the.
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Colleague Harassment

Don’t even second-guess it! Any inappropriate, unwelcome and discriminatory conduct from a fellow employee is considered.
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Office/Holiday Parties

When Is Harassment at an Office Christmas Party Against the Law?
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Sexual Advances

If you think something is off, it most likely is. It is sexual harassment and.
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sexul coresion

Sexual Coercion

It is no mystery that some people do not know when to stop, often they.
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sexul comment

Sexual Comments

It is simple, sexual jokes do not belong in the workplace! They are not only.
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harasment super

Supervisor Harassment

While some sex harassment cases may involve a co-employee or a customer, it is common.
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sexul intimidation

Sexual Intimidation

If you have encountered sexual intimidation in your workplace, there is no need to continue.
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Unlawful Touching

People become “too familiar” and begin to cross a line, even in the workplace. You.
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Criminal Sexual Conduct

In New York City, persons who have suffered employment sexual harassment have a right to.
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request for sex

Request For Sex

While you work hard to make a living for yourself, you would hope that you.
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Gay and Christian person shaking hands. LGBT and catholic community. Tolerance and peacemaking gesture.

Religious Rights

Federal, state and city laws prohibit employers from discriminating against you (job applicant or employee).
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Sexist Behavior

Have you had enough of the offensive remarks about your gender in your workplace? Contact.
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Civil Rights Act of 1968 The Civil Rights Act of 1968 enacted 18 U.S.C. §.
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