Types of NYC Lawyers that Handle Employee Matters – Criminal lawyer or Civil lawyer?

By David DeToffol | December 27, 2022

Generally, criminal and civil lawyers are two different types of lawyers specializing in different areas of the law. Private criminal lawyers often represent individuals or organizations charged with crimes and defend them against prosecution in criminal court. They may also represent clients who are under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

A Public Criminal attorney, also known as a district attorney or prosecutor, is a public official representing the government in prosecuting criminal cases. The DA’s office is responsible for investigating and charging people with crimes and for presenting the government’s case against them in court. An assistant district attorney (ADA) is a lawyer who works for the DA’s office and helps to prosecute criminal cases.

On the other hand, a private criminal defense attorney is a lawyer representing criminal defendants who have been charged with a crime. These lawyers are hired by the defendant or by a family member of the defendant and are paid privately rather than by the government. Their job is to defend the defendant against the charges and to try to get the best possible outcome for their client.

DAs and ADAs generally represent the government in criminal cases, while private criminal defense attorneys represent individual criminal defendants.

On the other hand, civil lawyers, on the other hand, represent individuals or organizations in civil disputes. These disputes can include contract disputes, personal injury claims, and other types of disputes that do not involve criminal charges. Civil lawyers work to resolve these disputes through the legal system, often negotiating settlements or representing clients in court.

Overall, the main difference between criminal and civil lawyers is the type of cases they handle.

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