The New York Employer’s Obligation to Provide Reasonable Disability Accommodation

By Administrator | August 23, 2023
Employee denied reasonable disability accommodation

The “duty to accommodate” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) refers to the responsibility of employers to provide necessary adjustments for employees with disabilities. This could include modifying work schedules for medical appointments, providing light duty, or offering assistive technologies. However, the “duty to accommodate” extends beyond these examples. Certain criteria need to be met for an employee to qualify for accommodation. A New York Disability Lawyer can guide you in understanding your rights. This article will focus on the extent of an employer’s obligation to provide a specific accommodation requested by an employee.

What Happens if Your Employer Denies Your Requested Accommodation?

The employee typically has the initial responsibility to inform their employer of their disability and request accommodation. However, in some instances, if the employer is aware of the disability, the employee may not need to explicitly mention it. Once aware, the employer should initiate an “informal interactive process” with the employee to determine a reasonable disability accommodation. If the employer makes a sincere effort to provide a reasonable accommodation, they have fulfilled their duty. However, if the employee rejects the proposed accommodation, they may lose their protected status. An employer is only required to make a “reasonable” accommodation, not necessarily the exact accommodation requested by the employee. What constitutes a reasonable accommodation? That’s a question best directed to a NY Disability Lawyer.

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