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Crane Accidents

In a city where high rise construction is rampant, accidents do occur. Despite the many safety regulations that New York requires for cranes, accidents occur often. Crane accidents result in injury and damage and can sometimes be fatal. When cranes are not inspected properly or used correctly serious injuries and fatalities occur. Malfunction and negligence are the two primary causes of crane accidents.

There are several types of common crane accidents:

  • Damage or injury as a result of a dropped item
  • Damage or injury as a result of crane’s hook
  • Damage or injury as a result of an unbalanced or improperly mounted crane. Cranes can topple or tip if the weight of the object being lifted exceeds that of the mount.

Cranes must be operated, maintained, inspected, and utilized in a proper fashion.

There are several causes for crane accidents:

  • Improper crane control inspection
  • Wrapping ropes or chains around the load
  • Moving loads directly over other individuals
  • Exceeding the crane’s load capacity

Workers who are hurt on the job may not realize that they are protected by the labor laws of New York and are entitled to take action. Here at DeToffol & Gittleman we have knowledge and expertise in crane and construction accidents. Our head attorney David DeToffol has a background as a New York State professional engineer and has unique knowledge of injuries caused by construction accidents. We will work hard so you receive the compensation that you deserve.


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