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Civil Rights Act of 1968 The Civil Rights Act of 1968 enacted 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2), which permits federal prosecution of anyone who “willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person’s race, color, religion or national origin” because of the victim’s attempt to[...]
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Have you had enough of the offensive remarks about your gender in your workplace? Contact the experienced Attorneys at DeToffol & Gittleman. We are Workplace sex discrimination attorneys dedicated to protecting and zealously fighting for the protection of our clients rights by ensuring that our client is not subjected to or does not continued to[...]
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Gay and Christian person shaking hands. LGBT and catholic community. Tolerance and peacemaking gesture.
Federal, state and city laws prohibit employers from discriminating against you (job applicant or employee) by treating you differently, unfairly or unfavorably because of your religious beliefs or for being an atheist. Our workplace discrimination attorneys at DeToffol & Gittleman will fight for your rights against religious discrimination in the workplace. Religious discrimination is not only[...]
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request for sex
While you work hard to make a living for yourself, you would hope that you can do so without being subjected to some form of hostility and harassment mostly because it is not in your job description to deal with that and the law ensures you will not have to. Demands for sex to secure[...]
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30937994 - horizontal view of sexual assault at work
In New York City, persons who have suffered employment sexual harassment have a right to file a lawsuit in New York City court or in addition or alternatively bring a charge to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Further, victims of illegal workplace sexual misconduct may be able to bring both criminal and civil charges against the[...]
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People become “too familiar” and begin to cross a line, even in the workplace. You should not condone anyone putting their hands on your body at all, not in your workplace. As trivial as some incidents of unlawful touching may seem superficial, it may constitute sexual harassment or even crime under the law, hence; it[...]
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sexul intimidation
If you have encountered sexual intimidation in your workplace, there is no need to continue to be afraid or embarrassed; DeToffol & Gittleman are New York sexual intimidation attorneys who have experience in handling all kinds of sexual harassment cases. We provide you with the support that you need while defending your rights against sexual[...]
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harasment super
While some sex harassment cases may involve a co-employee or a customer, it is common that most sexual harassment cases involve allegations against a supervisor or boss. Supervisor sexual harassment may range from sexually suggestive comments, sexual coercion, unwanted or unwelcome sexual advances, and/or requests for sexual favors. Both federal and New York state laws prohibits all forms of[...]
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sexul comment
It is simple, sexual jokes do not belong in the workplace! They are not only “inappropriate,” they are sexual harassment. As soon as funny comments cross the line, it can begin to create a hostile and intimidating work environment. As a New York City employee, you have a right not to be exposed to any[...]
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sexul coresion
It is no mystery that some people do not know when to stop, often they believe that to get what they want, they need to push harder and mount pressure even when that means sexually coercing another person in the work place. Generally, sexual coercion is the act of pressuring, intimidating, tricking threatening or forcing[...]
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