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In business, a takeover is the purchase of one company (the target) by another (the acquirer, or bidder). The term refers to the acquisition of a public company whose shares are listed on a stock exchange, in contrast to the acquisition of a private company. Friendly takeovers Like White knights in business, a “friendly takeover”[...]
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You are ready to start your own business, but don’t know where to look for financing. You are curious about loans and heard something concerning equity, but this isn’t your area of expertise. You are not alone. One of the hardest decisions facing small business owners is how to obtain financing for their business. Most[...]
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What is a contract? A contract is an oral or written agreement between two or more persons to take or refrain from taking some action. A legally enforceable contract is one in which both (or all) parties to the contract provide something of value to the other party or parties in the agreement. For example,[...]
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Licensing Law
Licensing of intellectual property rights is a vital component of the business strategy. You may be interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business (extending your territory or the nature of business) or improving the quality of the goods or services of your company and thereby its market position. In many situations, licensing[...]
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Copyright, patents and intellectual property protection law and rights.
NEW YORK LAWYERS REPRESENTING IN MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, BRONX AND LONG ISLAND Copyright protects against copying of certain goods, such as artistic designs on clothing, computer programs, CDs, DVDs and other electronic media. Identification marks of copyrights are those on articles sold with the terms. A copyright infringement may occur where such goods are copied without[...]
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Trademarks Law
NEW YORK LAWYERS REP­RE­SENT­ING IN MAN­HAT­TAN, BROOK­LYN, BRONX AND LONG ISLAND Trade­mark is brand recog­ni­tion like logos, marks, labels and names that dis­tin­guish goods and ser­vices in the mar­ket­place. If some­one delib­er­ately uses your reg­is­tered trade­mark, with­out your knowl­edge or con­sent, they may be guilty of the crime of counterfeiting. It is unlaw­ful to apply[...]
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NEW YORK ATTOR­NEYS REP­RE­SENT­ING IN MAN­HAT­TAN, BROOK­LYN, BRONX AND LONG ISLAND At DeTof­fol & Asso­ciates, in New York City, we rep­re­sent indi­vid­u­als and busi­nesses in all mat­ters relat­ing to patent law: We con­duct domes­tic patent searches. We pro­vide con­sul­ta­tion regard­ing patentabil­ity of inven­tions and rights to man­u­fac­ture them. We pros­e­cute appli­ca­tions to obtain util­ity patents for new[...]
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Intellectual Property Law
NEW YORK ATTORNEYS REPRESENTING IN MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, BRONX AND LONG ISLAND Patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrets are ways to protect your invention idea. If your patented product is really good and you’re successful at marketing it, chances are you are going to have to defend your rights. The attorneys at DeToffol & Gittleman represent[...]
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business one
NEW YORK ATTOR­NEYS REP­RE­SENT­ING IN MAN­HAT­TAN, BROOK­LYN, BRONX AND LONG ISLAND The busi­ness law experts at DeTof­fol & Asso­ciates pos­sess advanced tech­ni­cal, med­ical, and engi­neer­ing degrees to work through­out cor­po­rate Amer­ica — and they use their prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence now in the legal field con­sult­ing with our clients to develop their new ideas. We form cor­po­rate and sub­sidiary[...]
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