Supervisor Harassment

While some sex harassment cases may involve a co-employee or a customer, it is common that most sexual harassment cases involve allegations against a supervisor or boss. Supervisor sexual harassment may range from sexually suggestive comments, sexual coercion, unwanted or unwelcome sexual advances, and/or requests for sexual favors. Both federal and New York state laws prohibits all forms of sexual harassment especially when the perpetrator of the act is a person in a position of authority over the victim, and in addition, the New York City Human Rights Law provides a higher level of protection for employees in New York city.

The harasser may not be a direct supervisor to or have a direct influence over the victim, it is however, sufficient that the victim may feels he or she has to tolerate some forms of inappropriate conduct from the harasser merely because she is “new” or has to report to one of the harasser’s friends as a subordinate in the workplace.

Some examples of supervisor sexual harassment are:

  • Requests for sexual favors from supervisor or boss;
  • Sexually suggestive comments, including text messages and emails;
  • Quid Pro Quo employment decisions by supervisor;
  • Unwanted remarks about a person’s physical appearance or dressing;
  • Unwelcome inquiries about an employee’s sexual life;
  • Retaliating against or withholding deserved employment benefits to an employee who rejects sexual advances;
  • Rewarding employees who tolerate sexual harassment or provide sexual favors;
  • Unwelcome sexual advances by supervisor or boss;
  • Creating or tolerating a “hostile work environment” pervaded by inappropriate sexual behavior;
  • Sending or forwarding sexually explicit pictures
  • Other harassing conduct through phone, notes, emails, or text messages.

It makes no difference when it is the boss. Sexual harassment is illegal and should not be condoned. At DeToffol & Gittleman, we are aware of your rights not to be sexually harassed or discriminated against by your supervisor, so we are here to listen to you and to ensure that you do not have to put up with any form of sex discrimination or harassment at your place of work, and when you have, we see to it that you get the compensation you deserve. We are aggressive advocates for our clients, and have substantial experience in workplace harassment and discrimination claims. So, for your free and confidential consultation, contact us today at (212) 962-2220.