Request For Sex

While you work hard to make a living for yourself, you would hope that you can do so without being subjected to some form of hostility and harassment mostly because it is not in your job description to deal with that and the law ensures you will not have to. Demands for sex to secure or protect your job through the creation of an intolerable and hostile work environment through sexual intimidation or through continual harassment on the job are forms of sexual discrimination and the Rights Act of 1964, New York’s Human Rights Law makes it unlawful “to discriminate against an individual in compensation, terms or conditions, or privileges of employment” because of the person’s sex. Requests for sex are a form of sexual harassment protected against by gender anti-discrimination rules.

Request for sex is an inappropriate and unlawful conduct whether it was done flagrantly and undisguised or covertly. If you are being subjected to inappropriate requests for sex, you will want to make it clear to the offender that these requests are unwelcome, then, collect and maintain a written record of the incident (including dates, times, locations, images/pictures of text messages/emails, etc.) as soon as possible during or after each incident. This will be very helpful evidence considering that most sexual harassments are carried out in places and at times where there are no witnesses but the victim and the perpetrator.

If you have received requests or is still receiving for sex at your workplace, it is unlawful and you should not allow it. Contact our attorneys at DeToffol & Gittleman and our sexual harassment lawyers will work diligently with you to see that you do not continue to face harassment in your workplace and that you are compensated for any injury you have suffered as a result of such harassment or discrimination. Call now to speak with one of our attorneys for free at (212) 962-2220.