Car Accident Brain Injury

Brain Injuries are Common After NY Car Accidents

Compensation for Serious Auto Accident Head Injuries

More often than not, victims of traumatic car accidents do not exercise their right to justice. In fact, of the 1.4 million injuries sustained by Americans each year, half of which are brain injuries caused by auto accidents. Many of these crashes have cause damaging brain traumas, yet only very few have been justly compensated.

Auto accidents that cause catastrophic injuries happen everyday. If you or your family has been affected by a reckless driver who caused an accident that resulted in head injuries, you are entitled to monetary damages. These should cover all costs of the accident including medications, surgical costs, vehicle replacement and ongoing therapy among many others.

Seemingly Small Injuries Escalate Quickly

A traumatic brain injury can result from an automobile accident with very little or no noticeable symptoms. There are many different types of brain injuries. Two of the most common ones are open head injuries and closed head injuries. A closed head injury is when the head comes in forced contact with any object, causing the insides of the head to incur damages. An open head injury is when a certain object comes in contact with the head and pierces the skull. This is a more serious condition, because it can result to immediate death. Most brain injuries can be diagnosed, but many other kinds can be misdiagnosed.

A brain injury can affect the memory, emotions and thinking of a person. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering a car accident that resulting in brain injury, it is important to consult a New York brain trauma lawyer to preserve the evidence and help you get the compensation you deserve. In order to claim compensation for any injury, it should be proven that a certain party was at fault. Supporting evidence include medical reports to prove the long-term effects of an injury, and the amount of medical assistance that the victim will need in the future. Although the processes are difficult, it is highly possible to settle compensation obligation from the party at fault.

Need Assistance Filing a Brain Injury Claim in New York?

Compensation for serious injuries caused by collisions may include financial support for you and your family, rehabilitation, therapy, medical expenses, loss of future earnings, etc. In case of death, everything will be covered by the party at fault including lost wages and support for the family of the victim.

For you to be able to pursue your case, you will need the help of New York brain injury attorneys who will assist you towards receiving a reasonable compensation for the accident. Working on your own is an unwise decision, because working with a lawyer will quicken the process of receiving compensation. These exceptional lawyers can go beyond the range of their legal duties to be able to give a service whenever it is needed.

Remember that New York brain trauma attorneys are willing to communicate and understand your needs. Many injured victims are uncertain of their rights, which is why it is wise to seek the advice of a reputable lawyer about your case.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Doctors define a traumatic brain injury as any injury to the brain caused by a trauma — a sudden blow, jolt or wound to the head — that disrupts normal brain function. (This distinguishes them from brain injuries caused by non-traumas, such as oxygen deprivation.) A wide variety of normal daily activities — driving a car, walking down stairs, sports — could result in a traumatic brain injury. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common causes of a TBI are:

  • Falls, at 28%. This type of TBI is suffered disproportionately by children under 5 and adults over 75.
  • Motor vehicle accidents, at 20%. Car crashes are also the leading cause of TBI-related hospitalization.
  • Bring struck by or against something, at 19%. This can include being hit by a vehicle.
  • Assaults, at 11%. Brain injuries caused by firearms are the most common cause of death from a TBI; suicides account for two-thirds of firearm TBIs. Another type of assault that commonly leads to a TBI is shaking a baby.

Since the launch of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, combat has also become a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center reports that at least 30% of active-duty troops will sustain some level of TBI; among troops who have been exposed to a blast from an improvised explosive device, the Center has estimated the rate as high as two-thirds. The CDC reports that certain military duties, such as paratrooper, raise a soldier’s risk of sustaining a TBI.

Males, African Americans, small children and teens between 15 and 19 are all disproportionately likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Consequences of Catastrophic Brain Trauma

When victims suffer any of these types of head injuries, the blow jars the brain within the skull, destroying brain cells and the connections between them. The parts of the brain that are damaged this way cannot grow back, although the brain may adapt to their loss; their functions become difficult or impossible to perform. Depending on where and how the injury took place, victims may be left with problems with physical movement, memory, mental health, emotional control, speech or other serious, life-changing disabilities.

The Best NY Personal Injury Lawyers on Your Side

Traumatic brain injuries are catastrophic, often leaving victims permanently impaired and requiring years of medical treatment. In addition to their TBI injuries, victims may be physically injured, emotionally traumatized and unable to work. All of these injuries can dramatically change the life of a victim and his or her family — and they can be very expensive. If you or someone you care about sustained a traumatic brain injury due to another person’s negligence, you have the right to pursue justice through the courts. Call the experienced New York personal injury attorneys at DeToffol & Gittleman and Call (212) 962-2220 today for a free evaluation of your case.